Facebook blocked my website. Here's how I got it back again.

Facebook blocked my website. Here’s how I got it back again.

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If you’re a business or a blogger then your website is at the heart of what you do.

A huge part of growing any business is Word of Mouth. It’s one of the oldest and most effective forms of marketing there is.

And in today’s society, word of mouth marketing likely comes from Social Media.

With the ability to share content amongst online communities in a matter of seconds, people are sharing and consuming information at a faster rate than ever before.

Social Media is quickly becoming the place to be for businesses and bloggers in 2019 and beyond.

It’s a valuable place to network and get your brand seen and heard.

We all know that.

So what would happen if an online giant like Facebook blocked your website from their platform?

Well that’s exactly what happened to me.

Facebook blocked my website.

And trust me when I say IT SUCKS being blocked.

Your audience can’t share any of your content.

You can’t link to your site — on groups, messenger or to friends.

You can’t even add your website to your Page while blocked!

And it turns out I’m not alone.

Other people were having the same problem I was.

So I wanted to put together a short guide for people in the same boat.

In this article I’ll explain how I found out my website was being blocked by Facebook and ultimately how I got my URL back again.

How to tell if your website has been blocked by Facebook

My personal blog is relatively new.

I’ve been blogging here for around a month now at the time of writing.

But when I published my very first post, I couldn’t share it to Facebook.

I clicked the ‘Share’ button on my post… and Sh*t!.

Facebook hit me with an error message.

Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.”


How can my website already be flagged as abusive?

It’s brand new!

I tried again.

And again.

Always the same thing.

I knew I was in trouble, so I ran straight to Google to see what this error meant.

And there it was. In black and white.

Your website and it’s content has been blocked by Facebook

This was bad timing when I was trying to launch a new blog.

I went back to Google.

“How to unblock your website from Facebook”

So much information. Some old, some new.

This was three weeks ago.

And I’ve spent that time testing various methods to get my URL unblocked on the social network.

So I’ve put all of this together into some brief methods below on how to get your domain unblocked from Facebook.

How to get Facebook to unblock your website

So you think your URL has been blocked from social media?

Or you’ve found out through a similar process as me above.

Firstly – we are going to need to get Facebook to confirm this, and then we will contact them and ask them to unblock our URL.

To confirm that your website is blocked, we are going to use a tool called the Facebook Debugger.

Using the Facebook URL Debugger Tool

Head over to the Debugger tool at https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

Enter your website URL into the box and then click the ‘Debug’ button.

Enter your website URL on the Facebook Debugger tool

If your website has been blocked by Facebook, you will likely be faced with an error that looks something like this.

A sure-fire sign that your website is blocked

If you don’t get this error, and the debugger runs as normal — then check your ‘Warnings That Should Be Fixed’ tab for an error that says “URL blocked”.

If you have neither error, then your website might not be blocked.

I was faced with the error: “We can’t review this website because the content doesn’t meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know”.

Submitting a report to Facebook

Facebook is notoriously difficult to contact. 

They don’t accept normal emails like most businesses do and instead they require you to submit bug reports or support messages.

So in order to get our URL unblocked, we are going to need to get in touch with them in as many ways as possible.

Note that on the Debugger error message above there is a link to inform Facebook that you think this is a mistake.

This seems like the next logical step, so click that link and fill out the form.

One of my reports to Facebook

This form files a report with Facebook that they might or might not investigate.

But it’s a step in the right direction.

I went on to fill this same form in about 3 times over the duration of my block.

I also got a couple of friends to submit the same form complaining that they can’t share my content on Facebook.

In this position – anything you can do to get their attention helps.

Report a Problem to Facebook

Another step you can take to get Facebook to eventually notice you — is to report your block as a ‘problem’.

To Report a Problem, click on the Help Center button in the top right corner of Facebook.

Open the Help Center

Then select Report a Problem from the list.

Select ‘Report a Problem’

From the pop up screen, select Something Isn’t Working

Choose “Something Isn’t Working”

Now fill in the form to file a problem report about your blocked URL with Facebook.

Please note that Facebook can take a long time to respond to these reports — if you are lucky enough to get a response.

This is not a concrete method of contacting Facebook, but it could help motivate them to unlock your website.

Speak to Facebook’s Ad Department

Now… this is something I haven’t read anywhere else —  and I think it’s the most effective method of them all.

The thought came to me while I was racking my brains thinking of the best way to get Facebook to listen to me.

Think about it logically.

If you want to get a businesses’ attention, you want to hit them where it hurts (which is usually where they make money).

In Facebook’s case, we all know how they make money…

Businesses buy ads. Facebook makes money.

So I thought that if I contact Facebook Ads Business support instead of acting like a general user, then they should take me more seriously.

And I was right.

Here’s how to contact Facebook Support as a business.

The Facebook Business support page

First visit https://www.facebook.com/business/help

Note that for this to work, you might need an Ads Manager account.

If you don’t have one – go ahead and create one now.

Scroll down on this page and click the Get Started button under ‘Find answers or contact support’.

Select ‘Get Started’ from the support section

On the next page, choose Policy & Account Security from the options available.

Select ‘Policy & Account Security’

So Facebook don’t actually have an option for what we want to do.

But this is where we start to make some progress!

Scroll down on the next page and choose ‘Chat with a representative’.

Yes please!

Live chat?!

They don’t give that option to standard Facebook users!

This will open a basic form that you can use to describe your problem.

Boy am I glad to see you!

Fill in all the details and then click ‘Start Chat’.

This will open a familiar Messenger chat window with a Facebook agent.

I can’t believe I’m chatting to Facebook!

After a few seconds they will get in touch and you can have a live chat about your website block.

Great right!?

For added effect I threw in a few comments about really wanting to run some Ads, but I can’t because my URL is blocked.

Here’s how my conversation went.

Frustrating! You’re telling me…
Well that sounds hopeful…

So this is the method that ended up working for me.

This live chat agent followed up with the review team and dropped me a personal email a few weeks later to let me know my domain was unblocked.

He feels my pain…

So that proves it… if you want to get in touch with Facebook — do it as a business, not a general user.

But note that I still needed to follow the previous steps for this to work.

I had to file a report first, in order for this chat agent to follow up with the review team.

Speaking to them via live chat just helped speed the process up.

So what happens now?

The message above is the last correspondence I have had with Facebook.

But that’s all I really needed.

And far more than I expected!

They admitted that it was just an error and I hadn’t done anything wrong to get blocked.

All in all, it took just over 3 weeks to get my website unlocked.

But it was worth the wait.

Life on Facebook is pretty good right now.

I was finally able to link my blog URL to my Page.

Wahoo! No more red error messages.

More importantly my URL is now shareable on Facebook.

I’ve tested it in Groups, Pages and on my Newsfeed.

So it looks like everything is back to normal!

I will leave you with a few quick tips that helped me:

  • Facebook might not let you know that you are unblocked, so keep checking the Debugger tool for any changes
  • Try using a URL shortener if you really need to link someone to your website. I had some luck with Tiny URL, but it didn’t always work
  • Be patient. It took three weeks for my block to be lifted, so don’t expect it right away

Use a service to unblock your website for you

If you’ve tried all the above steps and you still haven’t got your url unblocked by Facebook, then you might want to use an unblocking service.

Services like Unblock My Website guarantee that they will unblock your website – or you get your money back.

There are a few of these services around, but my favorite is Unblock My Website.

Plus, if you use my link below – you will get a huge discount!

This service usually costs $1000+ per blocked URL.

Use my link: https://johnfowler.co/go/unblock-my-website/ and get it for only $297 today.

The thing I like about them most is that they guarantee your website will be unblocked.

I spent weeks waiting for Facebook to respond to me, but I could have used this service and saved myself all that time and effort.

2020 Update: Other things to try

So recently a few readers have been saying in the WordPress comments on this article that the Facebook Ads chat option above is not showing for them (even though it still shows for me).

I did some quick research into this and it turns out that Facebook only shows the chat option to certain users and there’s no general rule as to who they display it to.

So I have done some digging around for you and I’ve found a few other options that you might want to try that could work for you.

Have a try of the options below and let me know in the comments if it gets your website unblocked on Facebook.

  1. Try this direct messenger link for the Facebook Ad Support Team and ask them to release your URL from being blocked on Facebook

    Remember that if your website has been blocked for genuine reasons that violate Facebook’s terms of service, then the support team will not be able to unblock your website.
  2. Message Facebook through the Facebook For Business page on Facebook.

    This could be another option for you if none of the above options have worked so far. Again, they will not be able to help you if you’re website is genuinely blocked. But they might be able to help unblock your URL if it has been blocked by mistake like mine was.
  3. Use the paid Unblock My Website service

    Since I posted my recommendation for this service, I have had literally hundreds of emails saying it worked for them and finally got their site unblocked from Facebook and Instagram after months and months of trying.

    As mentioned above, this service has a 100% guarantee that they will unblock your website from Facebook or Instagram – or they will give you your money back.

Now it’s over to you

Has your website been blocked by Facebook? Drop a comment below and let us know about it.

Has this post helped you in some way? I would really appreciate a share.



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    • Hey Sumit,

      Have you asked them what the reason is that they won’t unblock you? Try and fix that issue and try again.

      Good luck!

    • Have a look through some of the comments here. There are some useful tips from others who have got their sites unblocked.

  • There is hope, and still a lot of gold within this post. It took months, but was finally able to get my wife’s site unblocked. She does plan to use ads but it would have been useless given her site was blocked. Thanks John for posting this!

    Here are a few items. In your business manager dashboard, ensure your website domain is verified. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/domain-verification

    Look for the ads section on the business manager & help center, keep looking for ways to submit a request for help. Follow the guide in this article. (want to do ads but site is blocked, and does not go against FB standards). I put in 6 tickets, and followed up on each of them weekly. Often FB would close them, but keep pushing.

    I don’t recall what page it was, but there was a way to test the page quality and I had a link of the report that her site had no restrictions or violations.

    When we finally got someone to reply, they just sent a link to fill out a form. The form was specific to the ticket, so it wouldn’t help to post that link here. I again made the case. Then…… it happened, a reply that someone actually read and was able to put in an ‘appeal’ on our behalf. After a week, finally got a message saying it was cleared, and sure enough it was.

    Again, we do plan on doing ads but that route with a lot of pushing finally paid off.

    Hope this helps.

    • Wow! Great advice Dave & Monica!

      So glad you guys got your site back to normal on Facebook.

      I really appreciate you spending the time to update us with this extra advice and for the kind words about the guide.

      Your tips could really help a lot of people, so thank you again!


    • Hey Amarjit,

      Sorry to hear that. Try looking through some other comments for some more advice. It looks like others are getting success recently too.

      Good luck!

  • arrrgggh this is so frustrating!
    i do not find the “get started” support option… I am at a loss at the moment.

    my business has been slowly dying over the past year and I’m desperate!

    • Hey Delphine,

      Don’t lose hope…

      Try looking through some of the other comments here on this guide. There are some interesting methods that just might help you.

      Good luck!

  • The chat representative function is not there anymore. My website bual.my has been blocked about a week. I already sent several report to them but still no respond.

  • Is it me or it doesn’t work no more? I’ve been trying this repeatedly and even contact support but they said they have moved the channel or so… Any other tips? Please help me

    • Hey Manuel,

      Thanks for the comment. Have a look through some of the other comments here, they might be able to offer some more advice.

      Hope you get your site unblocked soon!

  • They don’t do anything for user, its been 6 months now, they blocked my blog for no reason, they didn’t reply even after 3 attempts. I wish I could say bad word, but you know what my, brother? They won’t listen

  • John thank you for your amazing tutorial, I am being blocked at the moment and Im extremely frustrated as well, I also own the domain and even have domains at google gmails. I am following your instructions and I really hope it can help me as well, sincerely.

    Thank you for showing me a bit of hope and a bit of light, I really really hope I have the same path as you.

    • Hey,

      Have another read through the guide and try the steps one-by-one. Hopefully you will get unblocked soon.

      Good luck with your site!

    • Hey Kwaku,

      Have a look through some other comments on here. It looks like others have solved their block through some interesting methods.

      Good luck!

    • Hey Dev,

      They might have removed the chat option now… 🙁

      Check through the steps again and make sure you’re not missing anything. Give the other comments a read too, as others have had similar issues to you.

      Good luck!

    • Hi Shamim,

      Other commenters have suggested you might need to have your domain verified on your Ads Account first?

      Let me know how you get on.


  • It is the obsolete information; no chat button anymore, yet the approach via the FB Ads is correct – check your previous chats with them (if any) and you can re-open them.

  • I can’t see the chat button either. I even tried to contact them on their support page and I get a robot repeating the same thing over and over again. Basically directing me back to the help page which doesn’t actually help.

  • It has changed a little bit, but the option to chat is still available (but you need to create and enter your “Comercial ID”, which is easily done). Now I have someone reviewing my case after MONTHS of having no solution!! Thank you so so much!!

  • Hi John, My jewellery website has now been blocked for nearly six months. I started following your steps but can’t find the ‘get started’ button to contact a FB rep. I’m at my wits end and need some help.

  • I want to thank you – SO MUCH for this article. My website was blocked 3 months ago and I googled/watched/etc., but could not figure out a solution. I used the steps in your article and my site was unblocked within 24 hours. I can’t tell you how much stress relief this article has gifted me. Thank you!

  • For months now, my url was blocked.

    I stumbled upon your post, followed the instructions and for the first time, I made remarkable progress.

    I’m told I should get a reply soon. I really pray it works for me.

    Thank you for this insight.

  • Funny, my website support person sent me to this page. I have already chatted for over an hour with FB ads support. We found a link on my website html code that was to a photo designated as the share photo. What that means is that when I link my ad to my website, it loads that specific photo as a preview. When I shared that link in the chat it was blocked immediately as against community standards. That link was auto generated by my website builder. Once I get that link fixed, I should be ok to be unblocked. So exasperating! 😖

  • Hey Mr Fowler. I just wanted to share with you and everyone else how I unblocked my media website after five months.

    My site was blocked by a false positive from facebook’s automation and I desperately tried to get it back from the black hole that is facebook’s blacklist.

    I went down the usual routes of reporting via the Debbuger and via the “Report a problem” section, but as these are not monitored or tracked, I was sending two of three request a week and nothing happened. I tried the developers and various other routes people had suggested.

    I followed the instructions I found on this page. I verified my site via the business manager, I checked the help pages daily for months, but no section ever popped up where I could reach out to someone from facebook.

    Five months went by and I still was out in the cold, with only a lonely twitter account to publish my sites posts.

    Frustrated, one evening i took the time to trawl through facebook for business’ site map, and through random clicking and searching suddenly found myself on page where I can REPORT to an actual person at facebook. Seriously, I just randomly found this page after going down a rabbit’s hole like hell of spiralling back to the facebooks help page for over an hour.

    I found myself at the Instant Article Support page, where there is a form you can fill in for reporting issues with Instant Articles. This is not the correct page to report blocks, but for all means and purposes, it was a foot in the door.

    You need a facebook page in order to send off the form, but I do and so I was able to send of the report with an explanation that my site was blocked and I was unsure of who to contact to resolve this issue.

    Within a few hours, a received an email from a living breathing facebook rep apologising for the issues and that my request had been sent to the appropriate department.

    Within 24 hours, my site was unblocked, thanks to the Instant Article Support team.

    I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was to get my site back after five months. Social media is an integral part of my site, and losing Facebook was like losing a limb. I could hop, but my running days were over.

    Back to normality now, and I hope my experiences may help anyone else who finds themselves unfairly blocked by Facebook and is desperately looking for a way back in.

    The door is there, you just need to know where to look!

    Best wishes


  • stumbled upon your website today. This morning my website was blocked by Facebook, its only a couple of weeks old. I was feeling devastated and not sure what to do about it but now i have more hope. Taken most of your steps, i’m up to the business account part of facebook … fingers crossed

    • Contacting the ADS department totally worked for me. My 10+ months of trying 100 different things was solved in a matter of 5 minutes or less. Just tell them you’re trying to make an ad and point your audience to your website but it’s failing.

      • Going through the ads manager i found ‘Report a Problem’, but that’s it. Is there some other way to contact them?

  • I have the exact same problem and it’s driving me NUTS! Unfortunately, the “Get Started” button isn’t showing up for me. Not sure if it got removed, or if it’s just not showing up for my account specifically. Any ideas?

  • Yup! BLOCKED. I have 3 websites and as of today, all three URL’s are blocked. THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME to post all this information in details. All 3 of my URL’s were fine about 3-4 weeks ago. I am a freelance theater artist and educator so I can’t imagine what is the problem except that this impacts me big time. I have take your advice and done your first two steps. I will try number three tomorrow, and then… well I guess I will move on to LinkedIn postings…. where they still like me. WITH GRATITUDE for your GENEROSITY. — Gia Forakis

  • This totally worked for me after trying multiple methods over the past 10+ months. WOW!!!!!. This issue affected me on my facebook personal and business page, Instagram and Whatsapp Business app. From sending the request for the chat to them fixing my issue, I have to say it was about 5 minutes or less. Thanks.

  • Will try the chat great advice .. already have an ad account and have added a FB pixel to the website which went through without any issues!… very helpful thanks

  • This I the best solution I have seen so far, I followed all the steps and it went through exactly how John described it. They assured me they will look into it and fix my issue for me in 24 to 48 hours. Will testify as soon as it’s done

    My site has been blocked for over an year! And now … under 24 hours after I found this guide, my site is unblocked!

  • Thank you so much for this!! I have been trying for months to get my url unblocked. With your help I was able to chat with someone from Facebook and work on fixing my problem. I appreciate your help.

  • i just finished chatting with one of the facebook business support representative, with the same issue, (blocking my website im praying to be unblock) the chat button is still there, but i think you should have an account first…

    https://www.facebook.com/business/help, (you can find it here )

    • Hi Kathya, I clicked on your link but there is no chat on this page. I have the same issue as all of us here. Can you tell me more specific where on this page I can chat with the facebook business support?
      Thank you in advance

  • Hi, my website is blocked and after lots of emails to help centre I din’t received any answer. I’m trying to find the chat button that some people mention above but I can’t find it!! Very frustrating! Anyone can help with this issue?

  • This is amazing! I ever realised why I could NEVER share and use my website! I’ve had this issue for years! Your advice truly worked! I got through to a FB rep on a chat and I should have a resolution in 48 hours. I could cry with joy! If you were here I would kiss you! Thank you soooo much!

  • Hi, I got my website blocked yesterday after being live for about 1 week. I have sent the first two support messages but when I go to Business help I don’t see ‘Find answers or contact support’ so can’t find a link to the live chat. Has it moved? Thanks

  • I just went through the whole document. This is very informative. And it contains the A-Z what we should know. Thanks And Keep it up!! Cheers !

  • That’s a great article. I also don’t know why my website also blocked in facebook. I just bought a domain 7 days ago. Then I see it’s blocked in facebook. Really so sad. Could you please tell me. How many days it’s take actually to unblock the website?

  • I actually had this issue after a month of having my website on Facebook and Instagram and once Facebook bans your link so does Instagram. But i did what you suggested the only thing that suck is that I had to submit my issue for them to “review” my website so now waiting for an internal Facebook member to manually review my site. So who knows when they’ll respond. I hope it gets situated I am staying home due to quarantine and that site is my only income and they blocked it in social media so promoting is horrible now.

  • Thank you so much for this informative information. It worked!! And I didn’t have to pay. Only cost me about 3 hours of which 2 was waiting on FB (they responded quickly). I have posted this URL in a private forum that I am a member of where others may encounter this situation. All the best.

  • Hello, I have been on this topic for almost 2 weeks now and am yet to hear back from Facebook despite the numerous requests/reports I made. Whenever I try to create an Ad campaign on Facebook, it says that the link I provided goes against their community standards. Also when I ran the website in Facebooks debugger, the same message occurred. It is strange because a few weeks ago I was successfully running ads using the same URL, but a week or so ago the problem just occurred. I am almost certain that I am not violating any of their community standards, I even tried submitting requests and getting in contact with Facebook several times but am yet to hear back from them. I really am at the end of the road here.

  • Hey John,
    I appreciated your post. My site is in a similar position and it is incredibly frustrating. I’ve tried going down the rabbit hole, but I don’t see the chat option in the Ads page anymore.

    Do you know if they have removed the option? The other option I have weighed is buying another domain and just using it to redirect to my site and hoping that domain won’t be blocked.

    Hope you have some more insight. It is incredibly frustrating fighting with facebook.

  • Thanks for your guide. I just did the chat and am hoping for some results soon.

    The chat button is still there and it is just where John says it is so if you cant find it, you’re on the wrong page. That being said, you do need to have an ad Account set up or it wont show you the pages necessary to follow John’s path to the chat button.

    One piece of information I was given by the support staff member I chatted with, was that sites are often blocked because they dont have sufficient protection and there is malware attached to the site that you may not know about.

    So beef up your protection everyone!

  • Wow! Thanks. My website has been blocked from Facebook and Instagram for over a year. I was able to chat with someone who submitted a report for me. They said it would take 24-48 to investigate. Cross your fingers they respond back.

    • Can you tell me how you get to chat with someone ? The chat button is no longer there and Facebook Business Support only replies with automated message link to support page. Thank you

  • Oh my WORD! I have been struggling with this for so long and had more or less given up hope. I’d looked for the fabled business chat section but could never find it. You’re write up here has helped IMMENSELY! I literally just finished chatting with a representative online and even on the phone. He’s said it will now be investigated so I am hopeful. Just being able to finally speak to someone is such a relief. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your post 🙂 Good luck to everyone struggling with this. I know how debilitating it can be.

  • Yeah, I made a Facebook page to enrage with my audience and grow it to 5k likes and follower and one day they just unpublished my page and no response from support just automated messages hate them.

  • John, we were having the same issue, and we were able to get this resolved within a couple of days (they didn’t tell me it was fixed, but I checked, and we were good to go). Thank you for such a helpful and detailed walkthrough!

  • I tried sharing my personal blog and adding it to my Personal Info on FB today and it was blocked as Violating and SPAM. This makes no sense as my other .blogspot blog is still accepted and recognized by FB. I think they really need to reevaluate what they consider to be helpful or not. I also have a business and have bought ads in the past, but I’m not going to be doing that anymore.

  • Hey,
    Thank you thank you thank you so much, this worked for me.
    Really searched from 15 days, today I finally back site in just 30min with fb support.

    I really appreciate you spending the time to update us with this extra advice and for the kind words about the guide.

    Your tips could really help a lot of people, so thank you again!

    Thank you
    Nilesh Varchand

  • I am really happy I found this post, because – following the given steps – I could get my website unblocked. This guide was the best solution for me.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful insight. talking to ad support helped me in unblocking my domain. Thanks again.

  • Thank John! I’m here coz my site’s just been blocked and they’re chat support is no longer working. They just have a generic reply that routes to a link with some set of options – pretty much common issues but nothing that specifically addresses this ‘site blocking’ issue.

    I’ll try some of the recent ones you recommended. I’ve already asked some friends to report the issue as well, so hopefully it gets fixed in no time.

    I tagged them on Twitter too! Haha! We’re kind of desperate here!

  • Thank you for your this article, I got my site unblocked.

    I wanted to promote my site and checked the URL and was seeing it’s blocked. I started searching and found your article.

    So I started advertisement for my other site and promoting post, after few 5 days of promotion, I could see the chat option.

    and after chat, my site got unblocked in 4 hours.